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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Your Simple, Sexy Hormone Reset! Let's Get Started: Week #1

    • Pre-program survey

    • Welcome and Quick Start

    • Tracking & Meal Plan

    • Symptom tracker: Your individual hormone balance

    • Whole body Hormone health!

  • 2

    The Hormone Connection- Week #2

    • The 7 Hormones of Metabolism

    • Thyroid Health

    • The Liver-Gut Connection

    • Lab Tests FAQ's

    • Bonus smoothies & bowls

  • 3

    The Mind-Body Balance: Reconnect with yourself

    • Mind-Body Connection

    • Learn to Meditate

    • Get some Sleep

    • Hormone Symptom Tracker - end of Week #2

  • 4

    Exercise Smarter, not Harder - Week #3

    • Exercise for the Cortisol Challenged

    • Planking: Sit-ups are so yesterday

    • HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training

  • 5

    Hormone Bio-Hacks for Everyday Life

    • Hormone bio-hacks

    • There is An App for That!

  • 6

    Food re-introduction and Mindset Check - Week #4

    • Food re-introduction: Are you reactive?

    • Hormone Symptom Tracker: How did you do?

    • Food re-introduction worksheet

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